Country Specific Databases

With the following food databases it is possible to complement the standard food database of NutriSurvey. NutriSurvey contains an extract of the german BLS which is based on various national and international food tables. Since several functions in NutriSurvey rely on this food database and too many foods in the database of NutriSurvey makes the handling of the software more complicated it is useful to integrate foods from the other databases only when they are necessary. To do this download the corresponding ZIP file and unzip the *.fta file which is in this ZIP file into the NutriSurvey directory. Then use in NutriSurvey the function 'Food/Include more foods from other databases', mark all the foods which you want to include and click then on Save. In tendency it is better to add foods from a more well known food database like the USDA database. There is usually not a big difference in nutrient content between the different countries and the databases from Germany or the USDA are more complete than the country specific ones.

German food database (BLS) with english names (2645 KByte, 11000 foods with more than 130 nutrients)

USDA SR28 (2012)  (1638 KByte)

FAO-Minilist worldwide the 200 most important foods with complete nutrient values (28 KByte)

French translation of the german food database (it is the first draft from Aline Morin (Nutritionist, attmorin(a) based on the english translation), to use this database delete first the standard food database (bls.dat) and then rename the file french_bls.dat into bls.dat (302 KByte)

Bolivian food database (71 KByte)

Brasilian food database (111 KByte, 1400 foods, the first 68 foods are analyzed but only for macronutrients, the other foods are partly calculated and compiled from other sources, all the data is from the Universidade do Sao Paulo, Faculty of Public Health, Department of Nutrition (mainly from Prof. Sonia T. Philippi) )

Egypt food database (34 KByte)

Guatemala food database (114 KByte, 1168 foods from Central America)

India food database (14 KByte)

Indonesian food database (115 KByte). For an Indonesian version of the program including the Indonesian food database please download the following file. The program was translated by Usman Sikumbang from the Nutrition Division Health Polytechnic Padang (the ZIP file contains still the old 2005 version of NutriSurvey).

Kenya food database (18 KByte)

Mexico (38 Kbyte)

Mali (35 Kbyte)

Mocambique: When you go to  you can find a special NutriSurvey database for Mocambique

Peruvian food database (120 KByte, 1492 foods from Hilary Creed Kanashiro of the Instituto de Investigacion Nutricional in Lima)

Senegal (34 KByte)

Thai food database (29 KByte)

Vietnamese food database (53 KByte, 529 foods from the National Institute of Nutrition in Hanoi)