Description of NutriSurvey

NutriSurvey is the english translation of a professional German nutrition software (EBISpro). It contains all useful functions which are typical for this kind of software (nutrient analysis and calculation of energy requirements, planning of diets, Diet History, Food Frequency, searching of nutrients in foods, handling of recipes,..). It gives very helpful information with no expenses but please never forget that the exact numbers which the program calculates are always only estimations which are more or less correct depending on the quality of the food data, the bioavailability and other factors. 

The following pictures show some typical functions of the program.


With the Button 'NC' on the upper right side it is possible to fix the foods and to scroll through the nutrients.

The software contains a function for a detailed energy requirement calculation.


This is the standard printout of a food record.

For scientific studies it is possible to analyse several food records together with a variety of options. After clicking OK the results are transferred to Excel.

This is the diagram of a food record.

With the deficit supply function foods are suggested to fulfil deficits in a food record.

This function enables the sorting of a food record (or several of them) for any nutrient.

The Food Frequency method is one of the easiest possibilities to calculate the average nutrient intake of a person.

After filling out the form above it takes only some minutes to enter the data in NutriSurvey.

Another possibility for assessing the nutrient intake is the Diet History method. It covers a longer period of time and the data can directly be entered into NutriSurvey.

This function enables the search of foods (<, >, =, density) depending on the nutrient content.

The nutrient values of the foods in the database can easily be changed and complemented with additional information.

On the NutriSurvey website several food databases are available which can be added to the standard food database.

In this window recipes can be modified and the nutrient content corrected depending on the preparation of the recipe.

This is the Options window of NutriSurvey.

In this window it is possible to select from the more than 130 nutrients the ones which should be visible in the main screen.

For the recommendations there are several files in the program which can be selected and modified.

This is the help screen of NutriSurvey.