For Emergency Nutrition Assessment there are currently mainly two software programs in use. Epi Info and ENA for SMART. ENA for SMART is focusing on Emergency Nutrition Assessment and therefore easy to use. It has automatic reporting facilities which reduces substantially the workload for doing surveys. On the other hand Epi Info contains a module for making questionnaires and has much more sophisticated statistical functions. We developed therefore a software (ENA/EpiInfo) which combines the advantages of both systems. To use this program please install first EpiInfo version 3.5.4 (, version 7 of EpiInfo is not yet supported) and afterwards download and install the following file. ENA/EpiInfo is automatically saved in a subdirectory of EpiInfo (it should be c:\epiinfo\ena) where also all the data for the surveys is stored (in the file ena.mdb). The following 4 demo films show the basic functions of the software.

Making a new survey from scratch
Making a new survey by using the questionnaire template from ENA/EpiInfo
Analyzing the data of a survey coming from another software
Using the automatic report functions of ENA/EpiInfo

The handling of EpiInfo is sometimes not the most straightforward. Therefore please check again one of these demofilms if there should be any problem. With the mouse it is very easy to jump to the specific position and to see exactly on how the program has to be operated.

Besides the demofilms the following pictures give also an overview of the ENA/EpiInfo software.