Software programs are never free of errors and a program like ENA which is improved permanently there is additionally a risk of integrating new mistakes. To minize this problem any error which is detected in ENA will be corrected as soon as possible and a new version with update information put on this website. Therefore any feedback on ENA is appreciated.  


Version 2011 of ENA is finished with several smaller improvements and the following bigger modifications: 14.11.2008




  • The name of the program is changed to ENA to differentiate it better from the general nutrition software NutriSurvey
  • In the Results tab sheet it is possible to exclude automatically z-scores which are outside a plausible range
  • The number of missing values and the mean z-score is presented in the textbox of the results
  • The cut off's for Kwashiorkor and Marasmus are corrected (from -2 to -3)
  • The form for the collection of the mortality data is modified to make it identical to the data entry sheet in the software
  • An error in the table for cluster sampling of the Planning sheet which prevented to save the data is corrected
  • In the Options some things which are not necessary anymore are removed or deactivated


  • The new WHO standards for anthropometry are integrated
  • In the Result Tab there is now a table with the main results for the anthropometric indicators and the design effects for anthropometric indicators are given
  • Weight dependend z-scores for subjects with edema are not calculated anymore to make the program compatible to Anthro2005 for the new WHO standards
  • Smaller things are improved like Ctrl. commands and improvements of the screens


  • In the Mortality data sheet a paste function for data from Excel is integrated
  • The entering of data for cluster/sex/edema is directly checked
  • The loss of data in the planning sheet is better prevented
  • The number of clusters can be up to 500


An error is corrected when there are Clusters in the database but no child with a WHZ below -3.


An error is removed when children are in the database with no data to calculate a weight for age z-score or % of Median.


An error in the moderate malnutrition rate which occured under certain circumstances is corrected.


The program works now under Windows 98.


An error which occured when opening files saved under another date format was corrected.


The DBase import function was corrected and some other minor things improved.


The import function contains now the possibility to import DBase files and an error in the design effect calculation for the death rates is corrected.


A variable view parallel to the data spreadsheet allows the definition of the type of variable and possible ranges which are used for the plausibility check, the plausibility check shows now all possible problems directly in the data spreadsheet.


Mortality rate and sample size calculations revised, columns for calculated variables are marked with grey background, data entry for mortality rate calculation and graphs for clusters improved, %Median integrated into Excel output.


In the data spreadsheet a Sort and Filter function is integrated and in the plausibility check the results of the different teams are evaluated in detail.


The data entry in the spreadsheet is improved (integration of pull down editors, simple entry of dates like 10199 for 1/1/1999 and better validity check) which allowed to remove the data entry by fields, the copy and paste function works now in both directions (integration of data from Excel into NutriSurvey for calculation of the z-scores), the mortality results section is separated from the anthropometry results,


Better smoothing of curves in graphs and differentiation of boys and girls in the diagrams for the distribution of the z-scores


Better check of data entry in anthropometric spread sheet, Export function for mortality data, integration of mortality results into report


Correction of errors in the report function


The number of variables is not limited anymore, correction of an error in the months column, adding the information about the design effect to the mortality rate calculation