Nutrition Surveys and Calculations

Guidelines, Software and additional Information

This site contains several programs for nutrition calculations and surveys. The aim was to make them as user friendly as possible and to keep the programs small and easy to install. The main NutriSurvey program is the english translation of a commercial german software (EBISpro) and is free for non commercial use (for commercial use please send an e-mail to This website contains also an extensive collection of food databases from all over the world which can be easily integrated into the software. If you find these programs useful please don't hesitate to recommend it to other potential users.

greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Download of the main NutriSurvey program (nutrisurvey2007.exe, 1074 Kbyte)
     Save the file into a temporary directory e.g. c:\temp and then click on it for installation.
     (last software update Oct 29th, 2007),

greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Other software programs based on NutriSurvey:
     -For Emergency Nutrition Assessment please go to
     -For Linear Programming
to find the best diet go to and
     -For calculating more reliably the Vitamin A intake go to

greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Description of NutriSurvey

greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Description of the Nutrition Baseline part with additional information

greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Country specific food databases

greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Measurement of Blood samples for the micronutrient status from Nutrition surveys

greenbal.gif (922 Byte) Useful Nutrition Links in the Internet

For further information, comments or suggestions please send an E-Mail to Dr. Juergen Erhardt. The software and information on this website wouldn't exist without the ideas and support of Dr. Rainer Gross.

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